Marketing Mix for Lush

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Recommending a Marketing Mix for an Organic Cosmetics Brand
(Final Draft)

Student´s Name: Ana Pichardo
Teacher: Ileana Bauche
Due Date: April 23, 2013
Word Count: approximately 1700 words

Executive Summary

In this research two well-designed marketing mixes were made, aiming to improve an already existing organic products cosmetics brand named “LUSH®” as well as accommodating its features to the demands of the target market. One of the marketing mixes being directed for physical shops and the other one for an E-Store. Two business people were interviewed to gain information about strategies and day-to-day goals in small brands as such. Elena Torre, cosmetician and owner of “Saint Germaine”, a Natural Cosmetics brand, was one of the
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“LUSH®”’s products offer a vast variety of all natural ingredients and a huge originality amongst other brands’ products and now there are now 830 stores in 51 countries.

SWOT Analysis Strengths
* Unique selling points.
* Almost 90% non-chemical procedures.
* Non-aggressive publicity.
* Homemade organic products
* Logo and publicity
* A % of profit goes to charity

* Many shops in certain countries but few in others (Only 1 shop in Mexico)
* Lack of product publicity Opportunities
* Popularity for originality and organic cosmetics.
* Gain approach from an SPA center.
* Create own charity organization
* Innovation

* Many new competing brands wanting to go “green”.
* Great popularity within competitor brand, The Body Shop®.

The following marketing mixes were created for “LUSH”®, to create a better opportunity for the brand to gain dominance and recognition in the market. Marketing Mix No.1 was designed for physical shops and stores, while Marketing Mix No.2 is directed for the research’s brand online shop. Both marketing mixes will allow employees end e-tailers to have a better approach to the market and provide favorable conditions and characteristics for the costumers.

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