Marketing Mix for Samsung Galaxy S4

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INTRODUCTION Samsung is a global company which has aggressively grown its cellular phone business over the past few years. Despite cellular products being one of Samsung’s newer global lines, in the past few years it has been by far the greatest contributor to Samsung’s global sales ( The Samsung Galaxy S Series of smart phones was introduced into the market in 2010 as their flagship smart phone product, running the Google provided Android operating system. The original Galaxy was replaced by the Galaxy SII and subsequently the Galaxy SIII, both of which were extremely successful worldwide. The market has become a lot more competitive since the introduction of the original Galaxy S and much is expected from the latest…show more content…
Supply shortages delay Samsung Galaxy S4 launch d)Critical Success Factors: We are committed to innovation. We have taken technology and innovation forward to help us get closer to what matters in life, to help us live a richer, simpler and more full life. Captures precious moments of the user’s life by taking photos in innovative ways like photos with sound, dual camera, sequence of photos in one frame and organise photos in a story album. * Plays music and features music share and also includes Samsung Hub to buy music from online shop and stream music videos. * Includes a translator which helps break down language barriers. * Includes eye motion sensor to detect eye movement so that the phone can scroll down pages without any contact. * S Voice provides speech control of the phone features like calling and messaging. It also helps with direction while driving. * Air gestures allow simple hand motion to accept calls, change music, browse web and view photos. * Turns into a TV remote control and also allows the user to browser what’s on the user’s TV. * Voice-guided navigation with 3D map view. * S Health that keeps track of fitness goals and monitor key measurements including daily calorie intake, weight and

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