Marketing Mix of Add Gel Pens Ltd

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Introduction to marketing: Every economic system has its own marketing system, in this competitive era and technological development requires a particular marketing system. In this word market there is a set up rules and regulations for exchanging goods and services. Marketing is an economic process by means of which goods and services are exchanged and their values determined in terms of money prices. It is that phase of business activity through which human wants are satisfied by exchange of goods and services.

Meaning and definition of Marketing: Marketing means the process of distribution of goods and services. It is the economic process by means of which goods and services are exchanged and their
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a) Conservation & best use resources. b) Safety to users. c) Long run satisfaction of consumers. d) Quality of life. Concern for better environment. e) Fulfillment of government regulations relating to composition, packaging, promotion and many products.

Levels of product:

1. Core product: It is the core benefit decides by the customer.

2. Basic product: It consists of the basic requisites derived by the customer.

3. Expected product: It consists of the product designed to meet the expectations of the customer.

4. Augmented product: It is the product the organization offers to the consumer. Competition is seen at this level as organization trend to provides better products tan their competitors.

5. Potential product: This level consists of the scope of innovation that exists around the product. It can be formed as the future product.

Product Related Strategies: -
A. Branding:
American marketing association defines a brand as “ a name, term symbol or design or a combination of them which is intended to identify the goods or services of one seller and to differentiate them from those of the competitors.

Functions / objects of Branding:
1. It helps in product identification and gives distinctive to a product.
2. Indirectly, it denotes quality or standard of product.
3. It estimates imitation.
4. II helps in

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