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The company that we choose as our title is Nestlé S.A.. Nestlé is the world’s largest food and nutrition company. With a manufacturing facility or office in nearly every country of the world, Nestlé often is referred to as "the most multinational of the multinationals." Nestlé markets approximately 7,500 brands organized into the following categories: baby foods, breakfast cereals, chocolate and confectionery, beverages, bottled water, dairy
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Nescafé Menu was introduced at the end of 2009 which introduced local flavours in the form of Ipoh White Coffee, Neslo and Tarik. In the early stage, they try to produce in box packaging which is for Malaysians’ trial taste.
After the company has segmented a market, Nescafé’s management then next to select one or more segments as its target markets. The target market is defined as a group of people or organizations which a business creates and maintains a marketing mix specifically designed to satisfy the needs of group members. The main focus of the product management of Nescafé is target to the upper class high-income people, and they also focus on 18-24 years old people as well, probably in this age they find only the students.
The first target customer for Nescafé is focus on the upper class income people who have the higher purchasing power, so primarily there is factor of income involves because they know that coffee actually is a costly item, therefore it can afford only by the rich people. Other than that, Nescafé also capturing market who is 18-24 age young generations. It is because this age period are start developing their habits, so Nescafé felt that if they successfully targeted these people as they can definitely made these people a permanent user of Nescafé. After identifying the segment and target, the marketers next decide what position to pursue. A position is the way a firm’s product is viewed relative to the

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