Marketing Model Of Alibaba

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What is Alibaba? is a trading platform mainly targeted for B2B businesses. It is. It links manufacturers from different countries such as China, United States, Thailand and others with buyers from all around the world. It enable the businesses to search and get for the products that they need from the largest manufacturing hub in the world-China. (Queena, 2016) The coverage of products is wide in terms of varieties and deep in assortments. Users are able to found beauty care products, food & beverages, electronic appliances, accessories and other products as well. The products specification provides the information of the products on their material, usage, feature and application. The payment method that mainly adopted by
…show more content… was launched in 4 of April in year 1999 in Hangzhou, Zhejiang in China. There are few phase that affected Alibaba’s growth. In year 1998 to year 2001, This is the period that Alibaba starts to recruit suppliers by providing them information and platform for entering the global market. Free online information and services were provided to the suppliers during that period. Jack Ma even hired experts from foreign country to assist the company to go into globalization. (Yazdanifard, 2014)
The second phase is in year 2002 where Alibaba starts to adopt Trustpass which strengthen the security of their website against frauds. (Yazdanifard, 2014)
The third phase is in year 2004 where Alibaba starts to develop foreign market. It helps to generate more profit income at the same time also created a lot of job opportunity.
The fourth phase is around year 2005 to 2007 where Alibaba has taken over Yahoo China and creates which allows them to spread their fame and promote their service more effectively. (Yazdanifard, 2014)
The fifth phase starts from year 2008. Alibaba starts to focus on B2C market as well. For example, Taobao, a B2C website under Alibaba has launched mobile application for user friendly purpose. (Yazdanifard,
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