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Earned Revenue *Earned revenue* is *revenue* created by the business operations of the facility. Sources that contribute to museums’ earned revenue include admissions, gift shops, food and beverage sales, memberships, facility rentals, and fees for research services. Essentially, any product or service that is offered by the museum and generates income is considered earned income. *Unearned revenue* is money that is not generated by the business operations of the facility, but is provided by others. The main sources of unearned revenue are fundraising and grants. Fundraising to increase unearned revenue includes both internal and external activities. Internal activities include such actions as special events, garage sales, and…show more content…
Caution is advised, as running a restaurant is a difficult task, and providing this service through a concessionaire may be advisable. Another option is to use vending machines for snack foods and drinks. Providing research services for a fee can provide additional revenue. If a museum has a product or collection that the public may have interest in learning more about, there may be an opportunity to charge a fee to conduct the research. Charging a fee for facility rentals is another program option. Offering to host meetings, banquets, or parties for a fee may be logical if the facilities are adequate. Size and time commitments would have to be analyzed against expenses. Instituting after school daycare programs may be an option to attract more visitors. Having an efficiently run after-school program that is unique and appealing to children can bolster earned revenues. With childcare hard to find for many parents, this option may be appealing. The Exploration Place in Prince George offers numerous child programs including after school daycare. Not only can these programs bolster revenues, but they can create goodwill and exposure in the community as well. Offer unique activities that are associated with your museum’s experience. In many cases, museums offer only static collections and exhibits. If there is an activity that your museum could offer that ties in with the theme, more visitors may be attracted. For instance, if your
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