Marketing Myopia Of Noki Marketing

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Marketing Myopia of NOKIA Contents Introduction 3 Back ground of Nokia 3 Marketing Myopia 3 New Marketing Myopia 4 Bibliography 5 Introduction Nokia was the most famous mobile phone manufacture around the world. Its slogan technology connecting people has been rooted in consumers mind deeply. However Nokia had faced a huge market lost once the smart phone published. The report is about the marketing myopia analyse of Nokia. Back ground of Nokia Nokia Corporation is a Finland based multinational company. It started as a pulp, rubber and cable manufacturer. The company focuses on telecommunications infrastructures, technology development and licensing. It has contribute to the mobile telephony industry and it effect a whole generation of 21th century. Offers much more: mobile devices and solutions for imaging, games, multimedia, mobile network operators and business. (bosch,jan, 2005)Nokia has produce digital phone since 1994. In September 2013, Nokia announced an agreement with Microsoft whereby it would sell substantially all of its Devices & Services business to Microsoft (Nokia, 2015). Nokia has the wide product portfolio results in customers being thinly scattered across each product line. Nokia use to own more than 40% of handset market share. After the smart phone of Apple and Samsung establish and Nokia chose to stay in handset market, it cause the market share drop rapidly. Marketing Myopia Traditional marketing Myopia

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