Marketing: Neutrogena Products in the United Kindgdom Essay

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Neutrogena products in the United Kingdom should support their campaign on the usage of anti-aging products, and this should let them change their design on the product’s package to meet the demands from their consumers. As time goes on the demand from the consumers change and so do their competitors. This means that the personal selling should have in place a way of getting data from wholesalers, consumers, and the retailers. This makes the personal selling a connection of agents that can make their way around every avenue as soon as the original market develops into a success.
Advertising and public relations are exceptionally important in the creating of an effective campaign. Once the personal selling along with the promotional campaign is in effect, the advertising campaign needs to be followed up with placing ads in all leading newspapers in the United Kingdom. This needs to have important information as to the use of anti-aging products in the newspapers and the online issues of the newspapers. The advertising promotion would be better off if they did not connect the anti-aging products with anti-wrinkle products. The anti-wrinkle ad needs to highlight their ingredients that help, stop and/or reduce the process in wrinkles. Once again this statement needs to be back up with proof from scientist in this field. It does not hurt to include quotations and findings from the scientists that researched the product, on how the ingredients work with your natural…

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