Marketing New Product

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Marketing New Product Assignment Case 1 Introduction: This case is largely based on Vanessa O 'Connell, "Food for Thought: How Campbell Saw a Breakthrough Menu Turn into Leftovers, the goals we need to reach is to gain the understanding of this company, why they can get the innovation and how they can manage it, also we can learn the experience of this company. The back ground of the company: In 1990, Campbell Soup was the undisputed leader among U.S. soup manufacturers, with a market share of over 75 percentages. Soup consumption, however, was levelling off, and top management was looking for opportunities for growth in related markets. Competitors such as ConAgra…show more content…
By fall 1997, Campbell announced plans to sell IQ Meals. For using the correct strategy, in 2012, Campbell announced plans to buy Bolthouse Farms, a maker of juices, salad dressings and baby carrots, for $1.55 billion. Analysts saw this as an attempt to reach younger, more affluent consumers. Reference: • Collins, Douglas (1994). America 's Favorite Food: The Story of Campbell Soup Company. Harry N. Abrams, Inc. • Shea, Martha Esposito, and Mathis, Mike (2002). Images of America: Campbell Soup Company. Arcadia Publishing. Wikipedia,Campbell Soup Company. Link: case 2: Introduction: In this case, you and your classmates play the role of the marketing department in a firm involved in new product development. This case we link each other in different department and position. We have different duties. How to coordinate our ideas in company, Background of the company: My firm is struggling with instituting team-based product development, and over the last several months several of the marketing staff has been placed on product teams with personnel from engineering, design, and manufacturing. We need find the way to get more solutions. All open about their opinions and participate in the discussion of the views of others. This way .they will strive to come up with solutions that are actually workable, and weed out the pie in the sky
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