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Marketing Management | NIVEA | | | | Deanne Dharmai | 5/20/2012 | | TABLE OF CONTENTS 1. Executive Summary … 3 2. Introduction … 4 3. Marketing Mix … 5 4. Ansoff Matrix … 8 5. BCG Matrix … 12 6. STP … 13 7. Promotion Strategies … 14 8. Conclusion … 16 9. Reference … 17 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Nivea as is a leading skin care brand in the world. This report is based on how Nivea uses the various marketing strategies to improve their sales, create a brand name and promote their products. Its starts with a brief introduction of what Nivea is. It further goes on to give the history of Nivea, and how Nivea has evolved…show more content…
These market segments groups the people with the same characteristics such as gender, age, lifestyle etc. Nivea carries out market research through various different ways such as testing the products with customers in different markets; they also use focus groups to listen to what consumers want directly. The market research team came to conclusion that the younger customers wanted skin care products that were beautifying in nature rather that give them medicated solutions. Most of the product in the market at time mainly focused on the problems that a young girl would face. This gave Nivea a market edge. Nivea re launched Nivea Visage Young with many changes which help boost the sales to a great extent. These changes included changing of the ingredients in the products. It removed alcohol and used more natural products like mineral salts and sea salts keeping in mind that the youth preferred more natural and organic products. The packaging of the product was also changed; they used softer colors and floral prints which would appeal to the younger women. All these changes helped Nivea strengthen their product in order to meet the needs of their target market. PRICE The price of any given product is based on a number of factors. The cost of production and operations is one of the major factors affecting the price of any

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