Marketing: Nonverbal Communication and Reflective Thinking

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Chapter 1

Career Success Begins With Communication Skills

Multiple Choice

1. One of the fastest ways to ensure your career success is to a. learn how to design Web pages. b. post a persuasive résumé online. c. develop excellent communication skills. d. invite your boss out to lunch periodically.

ANS: c REF: p. 2 TYPE: Con DIF: 3 TOP: Communication Skills: Your Ticket to Work or Your Ticket Out the Door NOT: Developing excellent communication skills is one of the fastest ways to ensure your career success. AAC: Tier 1—Reflective Thinking; Tier 2—Conclusion

2. On the job you are more likely to be taken seriously and promoted if you a. look and sound professional. b. frame
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AAC: Tier 1—Reflective Thinking; Tier 2—Conclusion

8. You can improve your listening skills if you follow tips for active listening, including a. keeping an open mind, establishing a receptive mind-set, and listening between the lines. b. establishing a receptive mind-set, concentrating on appearance and delivery, and sifting information through biases. c. capitalizing on lag time, concentrating on your next comment, and taking as many notes as possible. d. All answer choices are correct.

ANS: a REF: p. 12 TYPE: Con DIF: 3 TOP: Improving Listening Skills NOT: Active listening tips include stopping your talking, controlling your surroundings, establishing a receptive mind-set, keeping an open mind, listening for main points, capitalizing on lag time, listening between the lines, judging ideas and not appearances, holding your fire, taking selective notes, and providing feedback. They do not include using biases or concentrating on appearances or your own next comment. AAC: Tier 1—Reflective Thinking; Tier 2—Conclusion

9. Your boss is giving instructions for a new method of keeping expense accounts. However, you find it difficult to concentrate because you think the change is unnecessary. What type of barrier to effective listening are you
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