Marketing Objectives Of Cocoa Fruit Marketing Plan

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Develop Organisational Marketing Objectives
Task 1:

1) Cocoa Delights is a new and innovative company who has worked hard to puncture a hole in the gourmet chocolate industry. They are now selling in retail stores all around Melbourne, but their goal is to expand Australia wide and compete with the sales numbers of the larger international companies in the gourmet chocolate world. I have been analysing the past outcomes and future strategies of Cocoa Delights marketing plan in order to understand their organizational marketing objectives.
a) In order to establish a marketing strategy a company must construct a plan which acknowledges their mission, purpose, vision and values. Cocoa Delights is a company with a very specific target consumer of middle to upper class people, who have a love of gourmet chocolate. In order to attract these target consumers their market strategy will need to agree with their needs. The mission of Cocoa Delights is to provide Australians with the highest quality chocolate on the market, while maintaining the promise to trade fairly with overseas suppliers. Their mission ties in well with their values of quality, sustainability, social responsibility (fair trade), customer service and competitive pricing. All of these elements of the company are perfect for attracting their target consumers, but their vision for the company’s future may make it difficult to keep those core values at the forefront. The company’s vision sees it as one of…
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