Marketing Objectives Of The Bailey Nelson 's Total Target Customer Base

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Campaign Planning Brief
1.0 Marketing Objectives
 Increase Bailey Nelson’s total target customer base by 20% after the end of the campaign in December 2015 (see 3.0)
 Increase Bailey Nelson’s overall market share by 15% during the entire campaign duration period between July-December 2015
 Increase total sales of eyewear (either sunglasses or prescription glasses) by 5% for each month of the campaign duration until after December 2015
2.0 Communications Objectives
 To create brand name awareness for Bailey Nelson as an eyewear retailer that provides eyewear starting from only $95 during the entire campaign period from July-December 2015
 To create a “High Involvement – Transformational Brand Attitude” among new target customers by
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There is no differentiation among students who do or do not wear glasses and they either have little or no income (associated with part time work). The research identified UTS undergraduate students value products that are widely accessible, function properly (related to high quality) and allow them to express their individuality. They look for low prices and brand familiarity and they prefer humour advertising appeals.

The majority of target customers are “brand switchers”. Evidence of “brand switchers” was shown by the majority of survey respondents who browse a variety of brands and styles when purchasing eyewear. Additionally, price influences the eyewear choices more than any other factor. Although they prefer familiar brands (which may appear as “multi brand loyals” activity), there was still a multitude of other smaller eyewear retailers listed by target customers.
Further psychographic information on the target customer is described below:
 They want stylish frames to keep up with trends and won’t become outdated quickly
 They wear sunglasses as a fashion accessory and not just for eye protection
 They are always looking to try smaller retailers which are perceived as new and modern
 They shop for eyewear online, but mainly from retailers with complementary physical stores
 They value companies who pay proper attention to their needs and make it easy to purchase
4.0 Barriers to Purchase
Below are the most important risks associated with high
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