Marketing Of Beauty : Winter 2016 Research Paper

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INDS-7012-01: Theory of Beauty: Winter 2016 research paper
Advertising: for beauty or to sell?
Ji Hae Kim

Let’s look around the room that you are in right now. I am sure you see all kinds of products that lay around beside you. Can you try to pick anything that you haven’t seen or heard from media? It would be pretty difficult to pick one since we are surrounded by advertisements and every decision that we make on purchases are based on those advertisements. So, it’s safe to assume that we are hugely affected by media advertisements. Is it aesthetic perspective that move us to purchase a product or commercial perspective that encourages us to buy? In this essay, it will discuss history of advertising, how advertising is constructed and how it affects people on individual level and as a society.

In order to analyze the purpose of advertising, we need to look at where advertising originated from. In the history of United States, it’s hard to remember days when advertisements were not around. However, it all started when Americans were worried about their dependency on imported products such as porcelain, furniture and musical instruments from Britain in 18th century(History matters, 1988). Buyers still needed descriptions of products before they decided to purchase products, so they verbally explained goods with persuasive tones Goods were not the only thing that were sold which included slaves(History matters, 1988). Even with the increase

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