Marketing Of Music Recordings And Videos

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Introduction In this delivering case study, the record labels are defined as brands associated with marketing of music recordings and videos. And a planning system is a tool that a record company uses to handle physical products like CDs, albums, and cassettes. In comparison, digital music can be released through different providers, such as Apple iTunes, eMusic, BuyMusic and Rhapsody. From the customer’s perspective, the accuracy and timeliness of a release is critical to achieving customer satisfaction. If customer satisfaction is high, they will without question come back for more business, and the company can benefit from both the return visitors as well as their…show more content…
In the measure phase, the project team created a timeline for implementation. They drew a process map that estimated a 14-week period for a product to move from a creation request to hitting the market. The simple process map indicated the timeline and procedure for a release cycle. In this case, setting up a delivery time was also an evaluation criterion that defined the project’s success (Yuksel, 2012). Based on its strategic imperatives criteria, the project could be awarded a high grade, but it would be much better if the company goes further to explore what other elements need to be built up at the same time to improve the business (Buthmann, 2016). In the Application of Six Sigma Tools Applying the tools and concepts included in the Six Sigma framework correctly while following a logical thought process is a critical success factor of the overall initiative (Bertel, 2016). In this project, the team thoroughly followed the DMAIC method. In the define phase, as we mentioned, a SIPOC diagram was created to show the overall business processes. And a small Loss-Gain table gave us a brief idea of the benefits and losses in both the short and long term. Then in the measure phase, a process map was created, clearly showing the project timeline and the process steps for a cycle of release, as well as a bar chart depicting how many tickets were opened a month, the hours spent, and the number of people
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