Marketing Of Online Shopping For Fashion

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Introduction Online shopping for fashion started off well in South Korea due to the convenience and comfort of home, especially for young women. The fashion market in South korea is saturated with fast fashion at affordable pricing. Soo-Hee Kim, founder of StyleNanda, saw the chance to provide vibrant and unique fashion clothing to young women, thus StyleNanda started out online in 2005. A) Business market of StyleNanda Customer base: Demographics The age range of StyleNanda’s customer base is women between age 18 to 35. The company predominantly targets young middle class working women with high disposable income. They fall under the category of young female individuals from generation Y (Posner, 2011) who look for clothing steered towards complimenting their personality. Needs of customer base: Following the fashion trend The fashion design hub in Asia emerged in 2003. The yearly fashion week in Seoul has provided a front window for the world to understand trends coming from Asia. (Jamshed, 2015) Customers who are fans of Korean fashion keep a look out for new trends and designers in the market, with the focus mainly on street-style fashion. At the same period, Korean pop, part of the “Korean hallyu wave” infiltrated the consciousness of potential customers globally. (Narasaki, 2014) Customers of StyleNanda replicate the styles of their favourite idols, and are constantly on the search for fashion products to fulfill their needs. Fast fashion StyleNanda’s
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