Marketing Of Product, Customer And Demand

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1 INTRODUCTION CE 2.1 This episode covers the Preliminary Product Design (PDR) of group project titled as ‘PET Gateway’, conducted in the second year of my degree. This project was performed in KDU, Malaysia with the assistance of other three members in our group. It took four months to accomplish the project. Being a member of my group I was assigned specific tasks such as formulating a Survey & Questionnaire. I did analytical research on Marketing of Product, Customer & Demand. I have also planned the Creative Design of Product for the product assigned in the Project Development module of engineering course. I was occupied with the title of Marketing and Creative Director in this project. A pet door can be rarely found in Malaysia, but in the United States & Europe almost every pet owner has it. The pet doors out there in households is usually a small hole place in the bottom of the door. The material used is plainly a piece of rubber flap. This rubber flap will be lifted when the pet goes through it. The main purpose of having a pet door is to allow ones pet to enter in and out of the house without opening the entire door. But the problem with that is that any pet or animal can enter in. This product will allow only specific pets enter and exit the house electronically. With this, pet owners around Malaysia do not need to fear of stray cats or dogs entering their homes. This electronic pet door will open and close only for the pets with the specific…
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