Marketing Of Target Corporation : A Chain Of Retail Stores

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Target Corporation is a chain of retail stores commonly known by its famous logo of a red bull’s eye. It mainly targets the middle class people and prides itself for providing a range of quality products at affordable prices as opposed to providing cheap products, which are of poor quality. In this paper, I am going to look at the history of Target Corporation from its formation to the present day. I will also address the expansion of Target into Canada and the challenges that it has faced there. The challenges include rapid expansion (which has led to difficulty in controlling its operations), empty shelves, lack of variety, intense competition from other stores such as Wal- Mart and Canadian tire as well as the issue of price
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Midway through the 90s, the company recognized that busy shoppers don 't always have time to visit several stores in one shopping trip. It thus developed the Super Target store to provide guests with the convenience of one-stop shopping. The first Super Target — which includes a grocery section with fresh produce, dairy, meat — opened in Omaha, Nebraska. It had a photo studio, culinary establishments, grocery aisles as well as a pharmacy. By the year 2000 the company had changed its name to Target Corporation.
Today, Target Corporation (Target) is engaged in providing everyday essential goods which are fashionable and differentiated at relatively discounted prices. The Company operates in two branches: United States and Canada. The Company has its own brands such as Archer Farms, Boots & Barkely,Gilligan & O 'Malley, Simply Balanced, Sutton & Dodge, Threshold, Merona, , Market Pantry, up & up, CHEFS, , Wine Cube, Circo, S Room Essentials, Smith & Hawken, Xhilaration, Spritz and Embark among others. In the United States alone, there are 1,795 Target stores with 38 distribution centres.
Target has grown to become one of the leading retail stores and by the end of 2014, it boasted revenues of up to USD 72.6 Billion.
Target has also been known for its humanitarian activities. In 1918, George D. Dayton created the Dayton Foundation with a $1 million endowment with the purpose of aiding in promotion of the welfare of mankind anywhere in the
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