Marketing Of The Craft Beer Market

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This trend has continued into present day and has spurred the continued growth of the craft beer market. From 2010 to 2015 the production volume of craft beer increased from 5% to 12.8% and over 2 thousand new microbreweries entered the market (Brewers Association). Production is expanding to keep up with consumer demand. More and more beer market shares is being taken over by craft breweries. Consumers continue to put an emphasis on taste and quality over price making craft beer an obvious choice for more consumers, making them seek alternatives to traditional corporate beers. The United States Department of Agriculture ran a study focused on determining the mindset of American consumers in relation to food and drink consumption. What…show more content…
Individuals can even make a living off of DIY by selling their products on websites such as Etsy. With the idea of craft beer originating from home brewers it seems only natural that DIY has extended into brewing. Kits and equipment can readily be purchased by hobby brewers online and there are an endless number of websites dedicated to tutorials and guides on brewing best practices (Taylor, 2015). By offering brewing kits or sponsoring brewing education through a website or brewing classes, 603 Brewery could benefit from this trend through increased brand awareness at little cost to the company. Brewers are noticing an emerging consumer trend in demand for ciders, sweet ales, hard root beers and other hard sodas (Taylor, 2015). As a result products and breweries have been created to fill this increasing demand. For example Home Town Brewery the creator of Not Your Father’s Root Beer and Coney Island Brewing Company are breweries dedicated solely to the production of hard root beers and other hard sodas. Large corporate breweries such as Anheuser-Busch are getting into the sweet beer market with their product Best Damn Root Beer. The same thing is happening with hard ciders thanks to Redd’s Apple ale, Angry Orchard, and Strong Bow. By introducing a cider or hard root beer into the current line up 603 could capitalize on this current trend as well. Impact on Opportunities The biggest impact from the listed opportunities is
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