Marketing Opportunities For Business Opportunities Essay

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b) Target customers.
Marketing opportunities Target customers
Marketing opportunity 1: exporting Exporting is selling your products oversea and the target will be the oversea customers and businesses or retail sellers who are selling clothes and accessory. Exporting will also create the connection with oversea company and that will be benefits for future business activity.
Marketing opportunity 2: online business opportunities Online marketing will target the group of people who is normally purchasing products online. This group of customer is relying on technology and age around 15-40 years old. This group prefers to pay by debit or credit card but not cash.
Also business will access to new group of customer who has never seen your products before.
Marketing opportunity 3: strategic alliances When joining with other as a business alliance, one of the benefits is you are reaching to your business partner’s customers. As consequence, your business reputation will be higher and target group is wider range.

c) Overall benefits to the business of pursuing the opportunity:
Marketing opportunities Overall benefits to the business
Marketing opportunity 1: exporting Exporting is to sell your products oversea and of course exporting will help increasing in total sales volume. From the increasing sales volume of 50%, T-house profit is following the positive impact of 15% increase. The growth of business is slightly increasing through years; from 2015 to 2016 it is 15% of business
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