Marketing Opportunities For Mango Thai Restaurant

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An assessment of the current marketing opportunities available to Papaya Thai restaurant reveals several important factors affecting the firm in long term marketing strategy. The firm competes in the locally owned restaurant in Melbourne city. Our current market is divided into two primary segments: residents and visitors. A company analysis shows the restaurant major strengths and weaknesses as word of mouth advertising and inability to capitalize on the visitor segment, respectively.
The major macro-environmental factors that influence the marketing opportunities are populating growth in Melbourne, intense reliance on the tourism industry with little access to a strong work force, extreme seasonal patterns in the tourism industry and transportation improvements and the increase of the internet as a communication tool. Additionally, an overview of the current competition reveals competitors: Chinese restaurant, Japanese restaurant, Thai restaurant. These competitors are identified based on geographic proximity to one another as well as on their customer composition.
In order to face the current marketing environment, Papaya Thai restaurant should adopt an aggressive marketing strategy. This strategy focused on three main objectives that can be reached through a variety of marketing tactics. First, we build brand awareness through advertising, sales promotions, and public relations. Second, we increase brand loyalty in the resident segment through advertising, promotion,…
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