Marketing Opportunities For The Business Of Pursuing The Opportunity

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c) Overall benefits to the business of pursuing the opportunity:
Marketing opportunities Overall benefits to the business
Marketing opportunity 1: Exporting a) This opportunity will open new doors of international markets for the company.
b) this will help LooKCooL to expand business and turn to be a multinational company by opening new ventures in other countries.
c) it will provide direct investment opportunity in other business too in long run.
d) the business will grow horizontally as well as vertically.
Marketing opportunity 2: Using Agent This opportunity will help company to take the market share of small retailers and low income people who do not give priority to branded clothes. This opportunity will help company to market
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Profits will increase to $240 per annum.
Following are the assumptions for these figures;
a) Initially it will take time to create brand awareness in small retailers and low income customers.
b) This will take some additional efforts to secure market share in this option
Marketing opportunity 3: Partnership a) This opportunity will allow company to increase growth and profitability with relativelylittle finances as there the marketing expenses will be contributed by the partner.
b) Marketing benefits will be increased with partnership marketing.Growth and market share will increase to almost 7%.

e) Additional resources that will be required including finances, staff, equipment, etc?
Marketing opportunity 1: Exporting Finances: $5000will be required to set up supply chain contract and initial logistics needs Staff: additional staff will not be required for this. Existing supply chain team and demand planners and sales team can continue business activities with importing countries. Equipment: no additional equipment will be required for this. Our existing system will work best for this option.
Marketing opportunity 2: Using Agent Finances: $4000 will be required to provide initial contract set up with agents and managing their start up salaries Staff: independent agents will be hired and they would have to work while sitting in LooKCooL office. For this purpose some initial office setup needs to be provided to them. Equipment: additional equipment doesn’t
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