Marketing Opportunities : Marketing Opportunity Essay

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Marketing opportunities Assessment of marketing opportunities
Marketing opportunity 1: Using agents By using agents, sales will be increased as the supply points of Presso Mobile Company are bigger and wider, profit will be greater when the sales volume are higher, through there, market share can be gained when the agents repeating to hire Presso Mobile Company as their main mobile coffee supplier and retain their loyalty as customers
Marketing opportunity 2: Direct investment When there is more direct investment been putting into Presso Mobile Company by friends, family or others investors, Presso mobile company can expand the business with few more mobile café van at different area at the same time, sales are able have a significant increase, profit will be increased as well due to the increase in sales, market share can be gained result from business expansion
Marketing opportunity 3: Franchise system Through the franchise system, products of Presso mobile Company can be reached out to broader places and exposed to more customers, sales can be gained as well as profit. Market share will be increased as well as the standardized products can help Presso Mobile Company to gain goodwill and strong brand image which leads to repeat as and loyalty

3. Reasons why the business should pursue the opportunities you have identified:
 Available technology:
As technology has becoming more and more advanced now, the mobile café van concept has been created and vehicle being invented
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