Marketing Orientation : Marketing And Marketing

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A wide range of companies today prefer to adopt the marketing orientated approach to sell their new products rather than using product orientation before.In fact,marketing orientation also helps such companies to earn more profits in the long time.According to Jobber and Ellis Chadwick (2013),marketing orientation focuses on customers need as the primary drivers of organizational performance.However,this is not always the case.Product orientation still be used by some senior executives and this method can help these companies to sell more products and even acquire reliable reputation in the customers.In this essay,first the history of marketing concept development will be discussed and the specific definition of the two kinds of marketing concept will be given respectively.Then these two concepts will be compared by using some examples.The final part will investigate why although marketing orientation is very popular in modern society,some enterprises still adopt the product orientated approach to extend their new products. After Industrial revolution, due to the fact that demand exceed supply and little competition and the range of products was limited, most companies in that time chose to focus on physical production and supply ( Brassington and Pettitt ,2013).It was product orientation and companies didn’t need to consider their customers’ need at that time and just made their effort to improve the efficiency of production. In the final, customers still would come to

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