Marketing Outrageously Essay

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Marketing Outrageously by Jon Spoelstra Chapter 6: Hit ‘Em Where They Ain't Ground rule #6: If you mimic the market leaders, you'll just add to their dominance. The author discusses how in the early 1980s the Portland Trail Blazers tried to move their radio broadcasting of games "in-house." While doing this they sought out a fast food chain to sell its radio commercials to. McDonald's, Burger King and Wendy's all declined so they decided to go for a more local chain…Burgerville. The partner ship turned to be quite profitable for both as the "Blazer Meal" was a big hit for Burgerville and it allowed them to build more stores. The Trail Blazers made $900,000 with the business adventure. He goes on to talk about how AOL used…show more content…
The "Big Bang" sent out waves to the vegetarian population and led to GardenBurger increasing monthly sales by 411 percent along with many other increases in a 3 month span. The idea that was considered to be foolish paid off for the upstart company. Chapter 8: New as a Way of Life Ground rule #8: Take and experiment and make it part of your life. Do it again. The author brings up how the reading of the book Veeck as in Wreck by Bill Veeck is always a refreshing tool for his marketing ideas. He recalls one time when he re-read the book that he liked Veeck's idea of the midget that he used to take an at bat during a baseball game. He decided to incorporate that into his basketball team the Buffalo Braves, but he chose to make the player a bit taller. Spoelstra went after the tallest man in the world who was nine feet three inches tall. The head coach at the time; Cotton Fitzsimmions loved the idea and was on board but would later find out that the man they were looking for had died. It was still a good way to be thinking in a way that others would not be. He talks about regular conversations with Kunitake Ando who is the president of Sony. Ando regularly talks about inventing new products even if they only last for a short time. From there the author goes on to talk about inventing new ways to market a product: A. It doesn't take too much time B. It can work even better than the old ideas C. It is possible; there are always new ways you
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