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The marketing strategy comparison between
H&M (in UK )and Metersbonwe company
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Clothing brand chain has been a trend over the world, which has gained much profit for the clothing retailers, such as H&M, ZARA, C&A and so on. They are very good at using their special marketing strategies to manage their brands. While in China, there are many brands try to use this manage model, whereas, they are still inexperienced, whose marketing strategies should be improved. So it is worthy to study. This paper introduces what marketing strategy is, and how important it is. It uses an international brand-H&M in UK and a Chines local brand Metersbonwe for example, by comparing their marketing strategies
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Today, there are 3,000 franchised stores locate all over China. In 2008, the total sale of it is 7 billion RMB, which ranking first among all the local and international casual wear brands in domestic market. Over 8,000 new designs of styles will be sold in every market annually by the Metersbonwe internationalized design team. Meanwhile, there are more than 10 thousand employees working in this company nowadays.

Purpose and Scope

The purpose of this article is that to study the marketing strategies of international clothing brand chains (use H&M in UK for example) and find out why they are successful then give suggestions to Chinese clothing chain stores (Metersbonwe) to expand in of UK. From this article, I want to find out:

Why is H&M successful?
What type of clothes do H&M and Metersbonwe sell?
What are the pricings of H&M and Metersbonwe’s clothes?
Where do they sell their products?
How do they promote their goods?
What kind of strategies can be used to help Metersbonwe expand its aboard business?

Comparison between H&M and Metersbonwe

Product Strategy

H&M company (in UK). H&M Company has a clear understanding of their product philosophy, which decides their product strategy directly. “Fashion and quality at the best price” has been their philosophy from they established, so the style of
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