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Assignment 3: Corporate Governance and Ethical Responsibility Research Paper


To Professor:
Stacie Pittell

COURSE NAME: LEG 500 – Law, Ethics, and Corporate Governance

Strayer University
Washington DC
August 2012

Corporate Governance and Ethical Responsibility Research Paper

This analysis paper will explain if Dr. DoRight of Universal Human Care Hospital can manage when he discovers that patients inside the hospital are dying as a results of a extent of illegal practices by doctors, nurses and careless supervision of oversight on their be half. Also question the rights of staff to health and safety within the work place and address the duty of loyalty, and conflicts of interest between internal and external
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They could use the employment-at-will doctrine as an outcome of the person whistleblowing putting the doctor or the hospital in a point to lose cash. The employment-at-will doctrine grants the termination of staff for sensible reason, dangerous reason or no reason in the slightest degree. The external stakeholders give cash and grants to the hospital to support programs and analysis inside the hospital. Ther would even be a conflict if the whistle blower ought to pursue the wrongful firing. The hospital would have to be compelled to get lawyers to guard the doctors that are performing the harmful procedures and their liability for malpractice insurance are exercised. There may even be a possible conflict if the external stakeholder decides to not still support the hospital due to the development of the deaths. Dr. DoRight is aware if the reports are created, the external stakeholders can question several of the practices and start their own investigation and probably even Dr. DoRight. The external stakeholders’ interest isn't as vested into the folks within the hospital because it is within the administration of the hospital. The external stakeholder desires to check profit and accolades for analysis and strides, the hospital is an investment to the external stakeholder. A conflict would be that the hospital isn't hiring doctors and nurses that are performing or creating the hospital innovative. 3. Discuss whether Dr. DoRight has
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