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Marks & Spencer Group Plc is an international organization which doing business through Europe, North America and Asia. The located headquarter is in City of Westminster, London. The company sales clothing, footwear, gifts, house appliances, and food in over 600 stores in UK and over 300 stores across more than 40 countries in the world (Source online: Web1). The consumer’s confidence in the Marks and Spencer brand remains second to none By the way, the company can achieve many opportunities from global market and at the same time, they also need to build ability to face with many internal and external aspects which influence directly to the organization. In this report, I will use SWOT analysis to assess M&S’s market that
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With more than 1 in 10 clothing items bought from M&S, the company remains the UK’s largest clothing retailer. M&S leads the market in womenswear, lingerie and menswear and have an expanding childrenswear business.The company’s market share is 9.5 percentage points ahead of next retailer, giving it enough cushion to weather the competition. M&S enjoys highest conversion rate of 51.1% and is very successful in converting visitors to loyal main users through its varied product offer, in-store service and garment quality.(Business Source Premier)
Food offering has weak relevance and might not be able to sustain the competition
It is highly questionable if M&S food offering will be able to sustain the competition. The company’s food stores averages about 5,000 SKUs compared with the supermarket average of 30,000–35,000.
Furthermore, the average shelf life for M&S products is three to five days for about 70% of the total offering. This highlights M&S’ focus on convenience (compared with 55-60% of supermarket dry shelf products with three to four weeks shelf life). Convenience typically comes with a higher price tag for consumers. In a cost-conscious environment, price is of top concern for the customers and therefore M&S is likely to continue to lose share to competitors.

M&S has consistently highlighted it is cheaper than
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