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PRMM901: Corporate Identity and Branding Assessment 2: Essay – Essay Liang BIAN 4041124 Word count: 1444 1. Introduction Corporate identity is a tern that defines the overall image of a company in the minds of customers, employees and other stakeholders, and a corporate identity differentiates a company from the other companies (Knapp et al., 2001; Hatch, and Schultz, 2003). Corporate identity is not limited to corporate branding and it is important for companies to manage their distinct identity to gain a competitive advantage in the fierce competition (Herbig and Milewicz, 1995), especially in the contemporary, where the business environment becomes much more complicated and the corporate identity…show more content…
• Conceived Identity The conceived identity describes the perceptions of the company in the minds of the relevant stakeholders, such as corporate image, reputation and branding. • Ideal Identity The ideal identity defines the appropriate positioning of the company in the markets it competes in within a period of time, which usually is a combined result of corporate strategy and the external environment. • Desired Identity The desired identity mainly refers to the corporate identity pursued by the leaders of the company, or in the other words, the vision of the corporation. The desired identity is closely related to the CEO’s personality and ego, whereas the ideal identity usually is based on a deep research and analysis. 4. Implication of AC2ID Test to the Case of Apple Inc. In the Apple Inc. case, the five identities are relatively clear compared to most of the organizations. • Apple’s Actual Identity Apple’s actual identity is well presented by the large range and high quality of the products and services it offers to the market. The Apple company was first founded in 1976, and it was named as Apple Computer, Inc. in 1977, focused on personal computer business. The company has continued to use this name until 2007, when they decided to remove the word ‘computer’ from its initial name after the successful introduction of the iPhone (Markoff, 2007). Under such circumstances, the actual identity of Apple shifted overnight
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