Marketing Perspective of Whole Foods Market

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A Marketing Perspective of Whole Foods Market Whole Foods Market is a grocery store that features and specializes in natural and organic foods and products. Whole Food Market has headquarters in Austin, Texas. John Mackey is the founder and he established the store in 1980. The store began in Texas and later expanded to California and other states on the East Coast of the USA. There are Whole Foods Markets across the United States and also in the United Kingdom. Recently, Whole Foods Market purchase another health food store chain, Wild Oats. The success and expansion of Whole Foods Market over the past 32 years must be in part due to marketing. This paper will examine aspects of Whole Foods Market and how those factors contribute to the store's progress. Whole Food Market works to maintain customer interest and constantly expand the customer base by varying the market trends. Whole Food Market is known to carry imported items from many foreign countries. The market trend for items such as coconut water and cheeses from Europe supports trying foods from outside of the USA. It further promotes foreign food practices by importing and encouraging the Asian practice of giving fruit as gifts. Whole Foods Market also supports the local food culture of the USA. Recent market trends such as "pantry items" have been successful and popular. The pantry is a somewhat dated term in American vernacular; it can conjure memories of nostalgia of past moments in American food culture.
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