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The topic of the new course to be designed is an informative sports betting guide for beginners. The purpose of the course will be to educate the audience on betting terms and responsible gambling. The outcome from the course will be an in-depth understanding of sports betting and an individualised, strategic method to increase the likelihood of success. The course will include an introduction to sports betting with an overview of common terms and responsible betting. The body of the course will contain lectures on more unique terms, different markets, live betting and how to set betting limits.


The present market conditions for the sports betting course need to be examined. This
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With consideration to the sharp incline in popularity, it is fair to conclude that there are a lot of beginner punters that are in the demand for informative betting knowledge.

Market growth rates:
Sports betting has significantly increased in popularity in recent years. The Australian Football League and the National Rugby League both recorded a 200% increase in turnover from 2007-2012 (AGRC 2014). According to the Australian Gambling Research Centre (2014), online sports betting now comprises of 53% of the entire international gambling market. The growth in online gambling and sports betting coincide with one another. The popularity and transition into online betting will increase demand for in-depth understanding for participants who seek to get the edge on the bookies.

Market Competition:
On the 25th May 2016, there were 12 listed courses associated with the topic of sports betting. These 12 courses are all competitors; trying to capture the same market that is attracted to Potential competitors to this page include blogs, and YouTube with the potential to deliver very similar content on a different platform at no cost to the audience. This could impose serious threat to the success of the new sports betting course.

Undertaking a SWOT analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) will allow for the assessment of the course and its marketing environment in regards to the opportunities and threats (Sharp 2012, p.206). The
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