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Week 8 Marketing Plan Lacey Davis
A marketing plan is a strategic document outlining an organization’s advertising and marketing efforts describing its goals and objectives within a certain time period. **The components and dimensions are important in developing a marketing plan and useful to non-profit and profit organizations. A Marketing Plan assists in obtaining external funding, useful in identifying strategic alliances, and assist in gaining customer commitment, strategic plans often required to dispel debt.
According to Stuart Gandolf, “A good marketing plan allows you to anticipate, assess, prepare, build a roadmap to follow, cover-your-bases, construct necessary support systems, protect yourself and dramatically improve
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and 2) What will your service/product save the organization in dollars? The Target Market Summary asks, 1) What is your target market? 2) Who benefits from this plan? 3) Is the market internal, external, or both? Competitive Analysis asks 1) Who else is doing it? and provide a competitive analysis.
**Other information in the Executive Summary includes Key Marketing Strategies, and asks the questions 1) What key marketing strategies will be used? 2) How will you get compliance of patients, staff, the board, or referral sources? In the Operational Highlights asks the question 1) Are there any critical legal or regulatory constraints? In the Intermediary Concerns or Issues asks the questions 1) Are there any noteworthy issues with referrals or other entities? **In the Management Team Overview asks the questions 1) What critical roles and skills are needed to implement the plan? 2) Consider acumen of a team, compensation in line with goals, action plan if needed to scout talent, and plans for maintaining on-going workforce needs. The Financial Highlights offer a summary of financial requirements and projections.
**The Company Profile provides an overview of the organization including who is involved and what it does. This information includes the type of organization, the name of the organization, the hours of operation, the scope of the service line, the clients served, the location of the clinics, the description of the business, and the profit
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