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ESSENTIALS BARBERSHOP Marketing Plan Essential Barbershop Marketing Plan Contents I. Executive Summary 2 1.1 Mission Statement 2 II. Situation Analysis 2 2.1 Market Needs 2 2.2 SWOT Analysis 3 2.2 Competition 4 III. Market & Customer analysis 5 3.1 Market Analysis 5 3.2 Customer Analysis 5 IV. Marketing Strategy 6 4.1 Objectives/Goals 6 4.2 Target Marketing 6 4.3 Advertising & Promotion 7 4.1 Product & Service Analysis 7 V. Financial Projections 8 5.1 Marketing Budget 8 5.2 Expense and Sales Forecast 9 VI. Implementation Plan 9 VIIII. Evaluation and control metrics 9 I. Executive Summary Essential Barbershop is conveniently located at 13000 City Station Dr. Jacksonville, FL 32218. We offer a vast amount of products and…show more content…
2.1 Market Needs In order to appeal to the customers it is important to understand what they value as a necessity. Essential Barbershop intends on addressing those necessities so that our customer’s needs are met.  Economical Prices – We offer the cheapest haircuts within our 5 mile radius because customers are always looking for ways to save money on items. An average haircut in America is somewhat pricy at $28. Our prices are almost half of the national average and will be appealing to the surrounding customers. The estimated annual household income for the area around the barbershop is $52K with half of that population being married couples with dual income. Our prices help them save money while catering to the need of haircuts. The lower prices also help establish a customer base and as a start-up business it helps build customer capital.  Professional Services – Our barbers are trained, certified professionals and understand that their appearance, attitude, and work should be nothing less than professional at all times. A common assumption of lower priced items is a loss of quality and we aim to prove that opinion doesn’t apply at our barbershop because you receive the high quality at a low price.  Customer Service & Comfort – Customer Service is listed as the last bullet but Is most important need to be addressed. It makes the difference in whether the customer returns to patronize, or spreads positive or negative feedback to potential customers.

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