Marketing Pl Glf Cafe

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GLF Cafe

1. Executive Summary
This business plan provides a in-depth evaluation and plan of the present and potential profitability, liquidity and financial security of GLF Cafe. This business has prospective future in the cafe market as it is a unique and original business. GLF Cafe will satisfy the demands of the target audience, because gluten and lactose free dieting popularity has been increasing rapidly.

1.1 Business Name and Justification
GLF Cafe is a original name. This name has been chosen by the owner as it will provide a variety of ONLY lactose and gluten free food and beverages for those who are on these diets. The initials GLF is a abbreviation for (Gluten and Lactose free Cafe.)

1.2 Vision and Mission statement
“Healthy food and drink, for a healthy body!”
“To gain a popular fanbase and open a couple GLF cafes with the same high level quality of service and product.”

1.3 Business Description and functions
The GLF Cafe will produce high quality meals, snacks and drinks that will ONLY use lactose and gluten free ingredients. Its prime function will be to satisfy the costumers needs of healthy and tasty food and beverages The business will also serve products that have lactose and gluten ingredients however, it shall not be a primary ideology as the business is focused on providing a healthier meals

1.4 Location
184 George Street Sydney CBD. This is a ideal place is establish the GLF Cafe as it will provide the working class wit high end healthy food and…
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