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GLF Cafe 1. Executive Summary This business plan provides a in-depth evaluation and plan of the present and potential profitability, liquidity and financial security of GLF Cafe. This business has prospective future in the cafe market as it is a unique and original business. GLF Cafe will satisfy the demands of the target audience, because gluten and lactose free dieting popularity has been increasing rapidly. 1.1 Business Name and Justification GLF Cafe is a original name. This name has been chosen by the owner as it will provide a variety of ONLY lactose and gluten free food and beverages for those who are on these diets. The initials GLF is a abbreviation for (Gluten and Lactose free Cafe.) 1.2 Vision and Mission statement “Healthy…show more content…
The location in George street is optimal as it is outside a chain of bus stops and train stations. Those who come to work early can stop by GLF Cafe before going to work as it is in a good location. It is possible that the working class who are thinking about having a healthier diet may be influenced and supported by the business.
 1.5 Ownership and legal structure This business will be operation by a sole trader. As the business running under a sole trader it would not be hard to register the business. The reason why this business will be operated by a sole trader is that the owner has complete control of the decisions regarding the business. A sole trader can employ staff at will, will receive full profits and dissolving or exiting the business will requiring no hassle at all if the situation arises. 1.6 Business Goals For the first two years of operate this business has the following goals to achieve: To win the TIME OUT Food Awards for best cafe. To have a excellent costumer base. To create original and interesting lactose and gluten free recipes. To implement a social media promotion campaign. To train all employees to the highest standards a cafe can produce. 1.7 SWOT Analysis 2. Operations and Human Resources 2.1 Staff Personal and skill requirements The willingness to help people. A passion for good food and beverages. Good problem-solving and decision-making skills. Strong organisational skills. The ability to lead and supervise people. Ability
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