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Marketing Plan Overview The Garmin Approach series of products has created a name for Garmin in the golf community. The traditional golf GPS delivers distanced to the front back and center of the green. Lower handicap golfers are looking to get precise distances directly to the flagstick at any one of the different pin positions. To break into the golf LRF market we need to do more than just make a “me too” product. We need to combine our GPS and golf course cartography with a LRF to offer a new and better experience for LRF users that doesn 't sacrifice the accuracy to the pin. The Approach Z80 will revolutionize electronic measuring devices by merging both the functionality and form factor. The Approach Z80 will be a direct competitor with the leading LRFs in the industry that have singular capability of only providing distance to one item. In order to impact the competition, we will need to have a clear communication highlighting the additional features and capabilities of the Approach Z80. This product will be the first of its kind for Garmin in the golf market. The primary message will need to be that we have the distances to everything on the course at a glance. Web Presence Mini-Site: We will not be creating a mini-site for the Approach X80 rangefinder. Product Landing Page: We will need to update the existing golf landing page. We will have a third segment of the page highlighting the capabilities with visuals for the rangefinders, similar to that has been

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