Marketing Plan: Applpoly Products

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III. Background Information Preston Preston, the chemist working in ApplPoly Products’ resins laboratory, had developed the new product; she attempted to convince her managers to support her new merchandise in foamed polystyrene with recognition. The position Preston works was to find new products, and to develop more profitable applications for the company; nevertheless, she faced some unforeseen difficulties because of the new product. Preston had heavy stress from her managers because she needed to find out the new products that could satisfy the needs of her new product in the foamed polystyrene. A method that uses foamed polystyrene to make dome-shaped roofs and other structures called “foamed-dome…show more content…
Polystyrene foamed boards is stiff, insulated characteristics, very light weight, easy to manipulate, it also can be used to defend the fire accident. • Price is reasonable. Foam boards can be applied at any surface finishes can stay long time and lower cost. • New technology. Our motivation of project is to helping the biosphere environment and the ecosystem around the world by using the cutting materials. This is a new technology and keeps growing up. • Reduce of Construction time. By using Foam boards, it can be save man construction time. Weakness • Inexperience in professional area. Due to new technology, it is necessary to find a person who has experience in this area. If a person who lack of experience, it will easy to make the plastic burn. • It has not General around the world. Because it is new technology not traditional materials, it does not have many people know about it. • Lack of trust and desire to support with the product. Many Architects were skeptical about this product can stay durability and fire safety, and also appear an attitude of mistrust. • Lack of marketing expertise of new product (new technology), so the marketing staff are not promote their product very well. Opportunities • The new product always has new chance to build a brand new client group. • Increase at Possible Target Markets. It is time to open up new markets- international market; company can try
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