Marketing Plan At Baymont Inn And Suites

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Positioning The marina at Baymont Inn & Suites is the only resort with a marina in the area. This will serve the targeted market of boaters ranging in all ages who experience the pleasure of the Mississippi River. Also, it will provide an ease of access to the water from the resort. The marina can be purposed for seasonal boat storage, for the weekend rentals or for the daily or weekend boaters. The marina provides a safe and clean area for the resort’s customers. Marketing Mix The Baymont Inn & Suites marina is unique to the area. No other marina is nearby or within forty miles. Other marinas have a restaurant but not a full resort. Therefore, the resort marketing provides a unique value which invites a different customer…show more content…
This responsibility will be the resorts to maintain. The resort will also be responsible to advertise not only the marina but the full resort to capture those customers who enjoy the luxuries of a resort. However, if this marina is successful, other entities located on the water may also follow this example. Promotion An advertisement campaign will incorporate flyers to the seasonal campers to allow those customers who have boats and want to rent a boat slip the opportunity to rent a seasonal slip. Next, there will be an advertisement in the regional newspapers and on the resorts website that will draw the reader’s attention to the marina addition. There will be an advertising budget set at 10% of sales from the date of June 1st to October 1st for the first year the marina is open. This budget will be used for marketing for the next season. The funds will be used to expand marketing to local television commercials not only for the marina but for the resort. It is important to continue to build on the resort brand to keep customers focused on the products. The first four seasons the initial expenses of adding the marina will be covered. Product sales will be closely reviewed to ensure the proper amount of sales is taking place as the market research indicates. Also, if there needs to be an adjustment to the types of boat slips the resort can make the correction as needed. It is an acceptable practice for the first year will incur the most
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