Marketing Plan At Unisex Salon

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Unisex Salon: Marketing Plan A marketing plan enables an organization to strategize on how to implement its marketing transactions to ensure operation at minimum cost possible besides prevalence of optimum revenues from the organizational sales. This research paper focuses on demonstrating three marketing phases – promotion, advertising, and budget for a Unisex salon that targets both men and women. The scene of makeup has diversified over both genders and hence the business has found it productive to invest in satisfying the potential consumer needs for both genders. Promotion Section I will always ensure that the relationship between my Unisex Salon and the potential consumers is exclusively productive and positive besides operating…show more content…
Additionally, other competencies entail the business ' super potential and effective distribution channels to ensure that the consumers acquire the products whenever the need arises. It will include making our contact information available, allowing customers to make prior reservations and in future we could offer services doorstep services to those who may have difficulties coming down to our premises for example senior citizens. The salon has specialized personnel for the business ' R&D functions and hence the business produces services that optimally satisfy the emerging needs of the consumers. In addition to that, the business will invest in building consumer relationships by opening an organizational web site via which the potential consumers can deliver their opinions (James, 2007). Potential opinions would regard business operation, quality of the delivered services, the potential of satisfaction, and proposal for certain changes amidst the production processes. The business will address the pool of opinions and make organizational decisions that value the support of the consumers and hence the consumers will like the business commodities. The relationship will diversify since the consumers feel the business values and appreciates them amidst the execution of quality services (Cunha, 2011). Ultimately, the consumers will choose this business over its rivals since the organizational competencies account for

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