Marketing Plan. Brain Juice

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Brain Juice: Captivating Creativity and Rejuvenating the Brain

Executive Summary BrainJuice, the singular product offering of Austin, Texas based AlphaWave Labs, came onto the market with very little promotion or marketing. Even after its entry into the market, the product has had little push from the firm itself to bolster sales or retain customers. The product is strong, as it is an all-natural alternative to prescription medication or energy drinks designed to help with focus. However, the strategy with which it has been marketed has almost failed to exist, necessitating an overhaul of the approach to increase revenues and secure enduring clientele. With promotional strategies amongst college campuses, more diverse customer
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Thus, listed beliefs like “We believe America is on too many pharmaceuticals, most of which mask symptoms,” will be reworked to promote all-natural products, but not while judging the medicinal intake of others. The beliefs should focus more on BrainJuice, in asserting things like “We believe in the wholesome approach to treating attention difficulties with safe, all-natural products.” Moreover, the core principles of the company are all questions that the firm and the employees can ask internally to ensure quality and ethical standards. These core principles cover the areas of integrity, health, service, humility and play. The overarching idea that the company is responsible to the customer and to its investors in terms of success will remain relevant, even with a marketing plan in place, as the need to find a healthy medium between science, customer service and employee satisfaction cannot be understated. However, the focus on making it fun and playful needs to be replaced by a notion of being fulfilling or satisfying, as opposed to fun. AlphaWave Labs needs to be a desirable workplace, especially as the company continues to grow; however, the focus cannot be on fun if the company wants to remain viable amongst stiff competition with far more years of experience and far deeper pockets.

Situation Analysis (SWOT)
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