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Marketing Opportunity Analysis - SWOT Strengths • Innovation – Callaway delivers cutting edge technologies to its customers with new products and improvements to existing products. • Cash position and lack of debt – Callaway has no debt, and this enables Callaway to go after different acquisitions and investment opportunities that its weaker competitors are not able to pursue. • Size – Callaway is the #1 golf manufacturing company in the world. With Callaway’s size, it gives Callaway power and advantages over competitors. • Aggressive acquisition strategy - Callaway’s size and cash flow capabilities allow Callaway to acquire companies such as Odyssey , Ping Golf for its technology, manufacturing facilities, and increased market…show more content…
• Patent Ability – Callaway can plan for patenting new technology used for product development. This intellectual property is unique only to Callaway for the benefit of their customers. • Golf Club Market – With Callaway’s acquisition of Odessey putters, Callaway will be able to broaden its appeal to different markets to expand its business. Threats • CGC golf users switching to another Brand – CGC should balance the catch -22 of new product development otherwise it cannot prevent existing CGC golf club users from switching to another brand. • Private Label Products- Retailers are killing the market share of CGC by selling private label product to beginners and Average golfers. • Impersonators/Knock-Offs - Callaway will have to deal with the growing threat of people in Asia and the Middle East pirating its clubs and selling them at a lower cost over the Internet and in Callaway’s U.S. and international markets. This can have a negative affect on Callaway’s brand image and its sales. • Decrease in number of people playing golf – A decreased number of golfers involved in the sport would lead to decreased sales and profits. • Acquisition target – A decrease in sales and profits could make Callaway an acquisition

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