Marketing Plan: Channels of Distribution

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This means that there will be a sales force, which will market the product through to different segments of consumers. For example, one possible strategy is for the company to mirror the approach that they are using in North America. This is when Apple will sign selling agreements with different carriers and retail outlets (such as electronics stores and cell phone providers). These individuals will sell the phone directly to customers at the location. This is an indirect way of using the existing sales force of providers to market the i Phone. (Hanlon, 2008) Moreover, the company will reach out to customers using social networking and other tactics online. This will occur by showing the benefits of the i Phone 5 and how it can offer everyone with something more. The combination of using these two approaches will increase the products exposure and its popularity inside the Australian market. (Hanlon, 2008)
The Wholesale and Retail Channels The wholesale strategy will involve working with different companies who can market the i Phone to various segments of consumers. This involves making some kind of licensing agreement and having these locations provide the product exclusively to cliental. If this approach is utilized, the company will be able to establish a wide variety of whole sellers (who can promote the…
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