Marketing Plan - Evian Water

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Marketing Plan for New Evian Bottled Water

1. Executive Summary The marketing operations are an integrant part in the activity of every company and what was once a temporarily occurring solution is now an ongoing process. With the launching of a new product, all companies conduct intense market research in order to identify the characteristics of the competition and the customers; they analyze the internal and external forces which affect the corporate operations and develop a complex set of decisions on product, price, distribution and promotion, all organized into the marketing plan. The current plan is focused on developing strategies and conducting research prior to the launching of Evian’s new line of bottled water. The marketing
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and support the organization in reaching its overall goals - The Danone brand is a definite strength as it is an international label, recognized all over the world - Danone operates in both foods and drinks industry, balancing as such their revenues and diversifying their sources of income - Danone has become involved in a wide series of humanitarian activities, which improved its public perception
Internal Weaknesses - Danone has often been criticized for the usage of preservatives in preparing the dairy products, accusations mostly based on the extended warranty of the items; however they constantly denied it and explained the manufacturing process, the accusations forwarded by the public had some negative implications - Danone has also been accused for using chemical compounds in the manufacturing process and however the suppositions were denied with scientific testing, the damage had already been done; in Romania for instance, sales decreased dramatically after such a rumor was launched in regard to their fruity yogurt - Danone addresses a rather narrow market, which combined with the increased competition, has materialized in a slower growth rate during the past recent years
External Opportunities - Danone promotes a healthy life style throughout the consumption of their products, and the external environment offers both of these features: consumerism and focus on eco products - A wide series of technological developments have been
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