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2012 Brand: Bardot Product Category: Dress Item: Havana Frill Romper Subject: Fashion Marketing, Semester 2 Lecturer/Tutor: Tony Cooper Report Authors: Rebekah Best, Vy Costen, Daniyal Malik, Jessica Pola, Madeline Whelan (Group I) Marketing Plan 1.0 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY As part of the Course ADO13, Fashion and Textile Merchandising at RMIT University, we (Rebekah Best, Vy Costen, Daniyal Malik, Jessica Pola and Madeline Whelan) have created the following formal Marketing Plan, which was conducted on the Australian fashion retailer, Bardot. This Marketing Plan was created to assist Bardot in analysing their current situation, and to create strategies to improve their future. The base research performed for valid…show more content…
These are sets of consecutive steps, including the date, the department and the costs involved. Firstly there is a plan for a solid basics range to be added into Bardot’s product range, which will draw in sales and multiple item purchases in store. A basics range is a simple way to increase revenue and maintain customer loyalty. Following this is steps to maintain prices rather than to lower them, as lowering them may be difficult in the current economic situation. Next is promotion, a simple tactic that Bardot can use to draw in more revenue, especially with social media presence; which they are currently lacking. The most costly action plan is that to expand geographically, into more locations in Northern States. And finally plans to get to know the target market in order to better meet their needs. This is a task for the marketing department, which will play a great part in future moves for Bardot as a company. The Marketing Plan gives an indication of expected sales and profits of Bardot for the term of September 2012 to February 2013. The sales forecast is for the product category ‘dresses’ and is including the sales that Bardot will be making from Myer. The final figure discovered was a positive return of $7,390,543.46. This was found under many presumptions as listed in part 7.1 of the Marketing

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