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I. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY II. MARKET ANALYSIS A. Market Statistics B. Market Trends C. Customer Segments III. COMPANY ANALYSIS A. Company Profile B. Tangible Assets C. Intangible Assets D. Capabilities E. Areas of Advantage F. Key Success Factors & Weakness IV. OBJECTIVES A. Financial B. Non-Financial V. SEGMENTATION, TARGETING & POSITIONING A. Target Market B. Functional, Emotional, & Self- Expressive Benefits C. Price VI. MARKETING STRATEGY A. Positioning B. Product/Service Attributes C. Distribution D. Promotion E. Price F. People VII. BUDGET
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Wage workers and laborers, Students, and Classes C,D and E markets, both Males and Females. III. COMPANY ANALYSIS
COMPANY PROFILE Queen Dimsum is owned and operated by QRG Corporation a commissary which has been supplying dimsum to institutional clients for over 5 years now.
We supply to Hotels, Restaurants, and Franchise food carts and on 2011 we have ventured into the franchise food business with the brands Queen Siomai and Queen Fry.
Years in the industry : 5
Current franchisees : 18
Location of franchisees: QC, Cavite, Laguna, & MRT stations.
To be the country’s leading food cart franchise business and to be the leader in providing innovative, high quality and healthy dimsum products. We are devoted to manufacturing only the best tasting dimsum in the country. All of our products shall be delivered consistently and provide excellent customer satisfaction at a time, whether by company-owned or franchised operations, in superior, clean fun and friendly neighborhood environments. VISION STATEMENT
To be an inspiration to aspiring entrepreneurs who would like to have their own business with limited time, capital and resources by providing them with an easy to operate food cart. We manufacture and develop high quality food product solution for the fast growing food industry through innovative and creative product development.
We will achieve this through:

* Godliness * Family

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