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Power leisure is a small warehouse based retail seller of fun on road and off road leisure equipment.


‘Marketing is the function that links the company and the customer to get the right product to the right place at the right time’. ( while identifying, anticipating and satisfying customer wants and needs. Power leisure is a small warehouse based retail seller of fun on road and off road leisure equipment such as dirtbikes, mini motos, and quadbikes. It imports its products from china enabling it to undercut
UK and American made product prices even at the small level of import quantity. Due to the fact that these are leisure products the higher priced goods relate heavily
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Once the product has been bought, marketing research can be used to see if the customer was satisfied.


I have agreed with the local council to place a small stand in the local town centre which will contain examples of a few of the products such as dirt bikes, this will attract passers by at which point they will be asked if they are willing to fill in a short questionnaire with the benefit of reviving a 5 pound discount of any power leisure product they choose to purchase. Due to it being the town centre they should be a good range of people filling the survey especially as it is to be done during the summer holidays on two weekdays and one weekend period. The company would mainly be targeting almost any one who is able to use the products and can afford one. When handing out the surveys although the products mainly attract youths the questionnaires would be handed to adults as well as they are the ones purchasing the product usually.

By using questionnaires Power Leisure can asses what mediums of advertisement it can use to the most effect and can enforce advertisement of the business in places where target audience is most populated to attract as many customers as possible to make larger profits. The business can asses what should be in the advertisements to attract most customers and can try to link the marketing campaign to the interests of the potential customers. I could also use
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