Marketing Plan

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Sample Marketing Plan

The sample plan in this document is provided as a guide only. Please apply your ideas to this guide, and use all applicable segments to construct your marketing plan. Please refer to the assignment sheet posted in blackboard for more specific instructions on this assignment.

This is a sample marketing plan for a small business, Canterbury Renovations. It’s a guide to how you can prepare a marketing plan for your business. Your plan may require more or less information than this sample marketing plan.

As you work through the plan, conduct the appropriate research and planning for your business to ensure your plan results in effective marketing.

1.1 Mission Statement

The core activity of Canterbury
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This gives Canterbury a larger target market as well as being able to offer clients more services for their home upgrades.

2.3 Price

Every business needs to set prices for products and services. A pricing strategy outlines how prices will be set and how much flexibility there will be for individual prices. It includes details such as discounts, specials, package deals and moving old stock. Check competitors’ prices and policies to ensure you are being realistic with your policies.


Canterbury Renovations pricing policy includes: • high margin • priced for traditional customers • competitively priced against competition for the quality • discounts offered when pricing three concurrent jobs at once (e.g. a kitchen, bathroom and laundry renovation) • no set prices as each job is quoted according to its requirements • progress payments offered • discount offered for prompt payments

2.4 Promotion

Consider how you currently promote and market your business and what is and isn’t working. Look at what your competitors do for promotion, noting what does and doesn’t work for them as well.


Canterbury Renovations is a new business so there are no existing marketing activities in place. There is no brand awareness in the renovation market.

A graphic designer has developed a logo, business cards and letterheads ready to

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