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Executive Summary Tropical Hut is one of the oldest Filipino fast food chain. It is founded in Ortigas by Mariano Que in the year 1962. It is the first local fast food chain that made “Hamburger” to be popular here in our country. Tropical Hut serves different varieties of menu on their stores. Tropical Hut restaurant not just serves Hamburgers and other fast foods but it also serves main Filipino dishes such as Palabok, Tapa, Bistek Tagalog and some other Filipino menus that Filipinos are looking for. Also, this restaurant serves breakfast menus just like other restaurants. Tropical Hut will position itself as a reasonably priced, upscale and fine fast food restaurant. Its patrons will be single as well as families; ages 20…show more content…
Price *Unfold using of low price yet high quality available materials by having a biodegradable transparent bag packaging putting it on the entire production system where the operation tested within the succeeding year of January 2013 that takes on the entire selling system testing the market where everyone could afford it. Place *Rearranging the placement of furniture and pictures inside the premises of the store within 3 months of renovation from October to December 2011 by establishing segmentation of area of those people on to go bear with snacks purposes. *turning out a blast and very accessible appearance within the succeeding year January to December 2013 where customers feels the convenience and lively ambiance through presenting the retention in the mind of customer that they were allowed to do cool stuffs and any school and work related matters in the store premises. Promotion *Solidification of direct marketing named Bus’kin where it’s tested to tie-up with Javross Lucky Seven tours Bus Company within a year from October 2012 to October 2013 as expected anywhere its goes products

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