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A marketing plan is the key to business. Its purpose is to maximize the business ' profits. As opportunities crop up or the business environment changes, the objective and marketing strategies in the plan will aim toward the best action. The marketing plan and the strategic marketing plan fit together in that both are essential for the success of a business. Without a strategic marketing plan, businesses can become uncertain in marketing efforts. The purpose of the strategic marketing plan is to help businesses reach their marketing goals.
The marketing plan should be a comprehensible, succinct, and well thought out document that serves as a guide through the marketing program. It should focus on the objective of the marketing and
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These low costs should translate to profit margins that are higher than the industry average. A differentiation strategy is one of creating a product or service that is perceived as being unique "throughout the industry". The emphasis can be on brand image, proprietary technology, special features, superior service, a strong distributor network or other aspects that might be specific to your industry. A focus strategy may be the most sophisticated of the generic strategies, in that it is a more 'intense ' form of either the cost leadership or differentiation strategy. It is designed to address a "focused" segment of the marketplace, product form or cost management process and is usually employed when it isn 't appropriate to attempt an 'across the board ' application of cost leadership or differentiation.
Having defined the overall offering objective and selecting the generic strategy the business must then decide on a variety of closely related operational strategies. One of these is how it will price the offering. A pricing strategy is mostly influenced by your requirement for net income and your objectives for long term market control.
To sell an offering you must effectively promote and advertise it. There are two basic promotion strategies, push and pull. The push strategy maximizes the use of all available channels of distribution to "push" the

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