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Situation Analysis Gluten intolerance or sensitivity is a problem. Many stores have started carrying gluten or wheat free, products for their consumers. With this gluten free trend rising, it is still hard to find gluten free beverages such as beer Smart phones and their applications have become a part of people’s everyday lives. Many people rely on smart phone applications for everyday tasks, such as banking, navigation, shopping and much more. As of June 2008, it was estimated that 43% or 44 million of the US population use smart phone applications. (Urso, 2009) With the rising use of smart phones, creating an iPhone application that allows people who require a gluten free diet to be able to find, log and rate places they find…show more content…
2.3 Competition Currently there is no competition for an iPhone gluten free application that offers what Gluten Free Beer will offer. There is one iPhone application called GF Registry: Beer Edition that pulls from various databases to list where to purchase gluten free beer, but is not consumer driven. This application will be consumer driven. People who are gluten free will add stores, restaurants and bars that serve gluten free beer and the consumer can also rate the beer and/or the service. Gluten Free Beer’s advantage would be the rating and the consumer driven database. 2.4 Product Offering In the beginning, Gluten Free Beer will help consumers find where they can purchase gluten free beer, add to the location database for others who are looking for gluten free beer and rate the service they received and/or how often gluten free beer is offered. As the demand and competition increases, Gluten Free Beer will continue to add new features that meet the new demands and will keep it at the leading edge of its competition. Currently, gluten free beer is very hard to find since there hasn’t been a huge demand for this type of product until recent years. This application will ease the consumer’s frustration in finding where gluten free beer is sold and how often and will also give them some control with the ability to rate the establishment that offers it. 2.5 Keys to Success To make Gluten Free Beer a

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