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For over three years, the Mizuno indoor line has dominated the market. It started during the rise of badminton until today. Mizuno indoor shoes, in particular, has become the market leader in court shoes – both in volleyball and badminton. Although there are close competitors, like Asics and Yonex, the Mizuno indoor line still has unparalleled reputation when it comes to performance and prestige.

Mizuno indoor being the market leader has two main threats and competitors. The two competitors, as mentioned above, are Asics and Yonex. These are the two major brands which directly compete with brand equity of Mizuno indoor – in terms of reputation, performance and brand recognition. Another main threat is the the
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d. Competitive prices e. Availability of products – wide scope of distribution: strategic location of retail stores and complete product line in almost all stores. f. Current users of Mizuno are known winners or prominent figures in the sports industry. g. Effective sales force. h. Effective marketing efforts: sport events, in-store promotions, sales incentives and customer relationship. i. Establishment of department heads per sport section. II. WEAKNESSES a. Product i. Limited design ii. Aesthetically not appealing iii. Limited range of prices iv. store displays are not categorized by sport (for athletics). v. Overstocked with old models/products b. Distribution i. Slight lag in delivery and availability of new stocks ii. Ineffective system for stock preparation (warehouse) c. Marketing i. Lack of nationwide events ii. Lack of in-store promotions for Indoor equipment iii. Lack of promotions during holidays or celebrated occasions. iv. No local high profile endorser III. OPPORTUNITIES a. The number of sport associations and sport development programs has not decreased after the height of badminton craze. b. Increased attention for volleyball due to television exposure. c. Badminton organizations started their own grass roots

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